A city game is not LARP or a flash mob

flash mob

Urban games in Poland are a relatively new phenomenon. What is it? This is a kind of entertainment emerged from weaving a game scenario in urban space. Some people mistakenly confuse urban games with LARP-s or flash mobs. The differences between them are essential.

Be spontaneous

Flash mobs had their best time a few years ago. Today they are no longer as fashionable as they used to be, but it has to be admitted that they stirred things up. The idea of flash mobs consists in gathering the artificial crowd of people who earlier did not have to know each other. They make an appointment via the Internet or SMS-es for the implementation of specific activities in a specific time and place – these are often known public places such as squares, shopping malls, railway stations, etc. The main aim is a good fun. It can consist in watching non-existent show and common clapping, which is associated with considerable interest and the surprise of not acquainted passers-by. Dance flash mobs gained great popularity, but it requires earlier preparation of simple choreography. There are no winners or losers here.

Get into the role

LARP is the abbreviation for live action role-playing game. It is something between a game and art. The fun lies in playing your role and playing a scenario prepared in advance by a master of the game (a larpmaster), who can coordinate progress. The story may be based on reality or fiction world. It is important that players identify with the characters – wear appropriate costumes and play their role. Usually an appropriate stage design is essential. LARP-s may take place indoors, but a game in a town, using its architecture, is not excluded, either. The main goal is not to win, but share experience of the game.

Play in a city

According to some researchers of games, urban games are a kind of LARP-s. The action takes play in an urban space (and uses it – e.g. architectural details) and according to certain rules and screenplay. However, here the players does not get into a role, but strive to collect as many points as possible. Games in a city can refer to the history of the city, a district or other element of the town, but this is not obligatory.