The fact that urban game may promote very well the city is quite obvious. However, the fact that urban games are used to promote investments is not so clear. It turns out that for the wanting nothing difficult. We give two examples showing that it is possible.

New Main Wroclaw

In the years 2010-2012 Wroclaw train station survived the massive overhaul. Like in most of the major railway stations in large cities revitalization was carried out with a view to Euro 2012 – a sporting event, which drew to Poland football fans from all over Old Continent. Even those who flew by planes, moved around the country by train. They had a chance to see the renovated building of the railway station in the capital of Lower Silesia or a completely new station in Poznan. Fans came and went.

And the inhabitants of Wroclaw? They were not left in the lurch. New Main Wroclaw Railway Station proposed an urban game “History of certain acquaintance” which took place in September 2011, at the time when the renovations were at a very advanced stage. They promoted the event in the local media and on posters hung in the city. The willing were not missing. Players were solving quizzes and puzzles concerning, among others, the history of the station and took part in tasks. They had to find out points thanks to tips.

European Funds

Slubice – a city of 18 000 inhabitants neighbouring German city of Frankfurt an der Oder – adopted a slightly different strategy. There, promoting of an investment took place after its completion. The urban game “Footsteps of European Funds – Lubuscy seekers of EURO IV” was played in July 2013. The residents were dragged into it to familiarize with the investments that have been implemented with the help of European funds. Teams of 3 and 4 people equipped with maps of the marked points located in the vicinity of the investments. At each of them they had to complete fitness tasks or solve a mystery. The special point was the border bridge over the Polish-German border. The winners received prizes.