To make it clear – the question is not about whether the game producer can create a game. The question is, whether the brand not associated in general with the game market may invite their clients or potential clients to the game. The answer is: YES, IT MAY. In what way?

For persona

For some time now the brands bring competition to the strategy of their company. This gamification may not concern only employees but also customers. In order to create a good game, it is necessary to know their customers – their habits, interests, priorities and values in life. It creates a so-called persona, which is a kind of models – representatives, those characteristic of the brand’s target group.

First of all – a pleasure

Why a regular customers choose a particular restaurant while there are some others on the same street? The best food do not have to be a reason. Perhaps this place gives them experience which they will not find anywhere else. There is about something more in competition. Here , the experience must be turned into a game that will be a pleasure for a customer-player. That’s why the restaurant should creates games with a calculator in hand. The profit is not so important but the player who wants to enjoy it.

What game?

There is no single, correct answer on this question. You need to know your customers to choose the type of game. If they are people-set on social interactions, this game must have pro-social nature, facilitate and encourage the conclusion and sustaining friendships. If customers are people who like challenges, you need to provide them with it – maybe a board with results that will be visible to others (so that you can admire the best ones).