The concept of life as theater is known for a long time, particularly for those who are interested not only in theater, but also in literature. What if you could compare the game to the theater? An interactive theater …

What do the actors in the theater? They play! Of course, but not in the game. And if we reverse the concept and try to prove that games are only a theaters. You can even try to compare these two worlds. To find similarities and differences.


The main difference between watching and playing the show is that the viewer is passive – sitting in the audience and receives the message. This is quite different in the case of the game – here players have a very big impact on gameplay. The game world is interactive. But wait a minute! Now the theater is not just the actors on stage and the audience in the auditorium. An art likes to experiment and to one of the many is to”attract”the viewers in the show, an attempt to blur the line between spectator and actor. And that is an interaction.


The common denominator of the game world and the theater is the remaining experience. It’s something that pull us into this world. Everyone needs and looks for a slightly different experience but everyone expects some changes – perhaps wants to experience catharsis or purification or maybe just wants to have fun. How many people, so many needs.