Historical city games in Krakow


It is true that Krakow is not the leader among Polish cities, which have their urban games, but tries not to stay at the end of the race. It focuses on the history, because this city has very rich past which can be exploited in the field of building urban games.

Krakow and Podgorze

“Over the years” is the first Krakow interactive city game. Krakow celebrated in 2014 the centenary of the merger with Podgorze. On this occasion, we created a game combining history and entertainment. The board is of course the city with all its boon – streets, buildings, and of course…history. Playing with the use of the Internet combines educational function with entertainment. One from its greatest advantages is the permanent availability from 25 June 2014 to 30 June 2015. There is still some time so do not wait. Details on the site “Krakow invites”: http://krakow.zaprasza.eu/wydarzenia/Wydarzenie.php?event_id=14565

Krakow during the war

On the other hand, for students in 4-6 grades of Malopolska primary schools as well as the teachers, “History of Krakow during the Great War. The city game.” was prepared. Krakow is a small homeland, so the aim of the game is among others, shaping patriotic attitudes. The competition will have two gameplays. The first will be held on 20 May, the second on 27 May. Detailed information can be found on the site Malopolska Gateway.