urbi jak działa

The UrbiGame application is primarily intended to make fun. How? Games by sharing the entertainment, educational and commercial games which take place on the streets of the city.

Have a good fun

The inner satisfaction is a primary aim of playing. It is also the motto guiding the creator of the UrbiGame. You have the fun. By the way, some games may fulfill the educational functions. The others may be commercial.

Ease of use

Using the application is very easy because it is constructed in such a way that the player works intuitively. There is no need to spend time learning the Urbi game. Just fire up application and get to work!

Playing in the urban space

The UrbiGame is not a game for the smartphone which you can indulge in during a break at work or while traveling by bus. This is an interactive game that uses public space to play. The city is a board game.

Speaking of interactivity …

The UrbiGame offers a game scenarios that require interaction with other players. App users have an impact on each other – their decisions change the fate of the game.