urbi technologie

The UrbiGame application has a modern formula not only because of the idea but also because of the modern technology thanks to which it operates. Do you want to know what?


One of the many modules is the satellite navigation. Thanks to which it will be possible to establish the position of each player. This is a very important issue in the world of interactive urban games.

NFC and Bluetooth

Near Field Communication. This functionality allows for contactless transmission of information. That two mobile devices have to be next to each other.

Augmented reality

This is nothing like augmented reality. This can be described as a combination of the real world with the world of computer-generated. Frequently it comes to overlay pictures or simple animations to fragment of reality scanned by a camera installed on your mobile device.

Integration with social media

Why to play if you can not boast your friend? Ha! The UrbiGame had thought about this case. The application is integrated with Facebook, so you can publish your achievements and brag about them.

Payments from the application level and beyond it

Small amounts, so that you will gain more opportunities in games can be paid within the application but if you prefer to do it beyond the application – that’s no problem. You decide how do you want to use the UrbiGame.