urbi scenariusz

The application provides multiple scenarios of theUrbiGame games. However, the selection is not limited to the scenario. The application allows for optimum adaptation to the needs of the game player.

Collectively or individually?

Basically the games including urban games are played in groups – this is the idea of games. The players enter interact with each other. However,the UrbiGame tries to create conditions also for the individual players via a separate category of scenarios allowing for competition and to save points on the scoreboard.

Own script or predefined scenario?

It’s a fundamental question – you want to use the finished script or to build your own? Most of the players probably will choose something from the list, especially the beginners. For those to whom this is not enough the application offers the possibility to construct your own script which you can share with others – with all players or just with friends.

The commercial game or non-commercial game?

The ability to create your own scenarios is addressed not only to “ordinary” users, but also to companies that can take advantage of this marketing.

Privately or publicly?

When the user creates his own scenario he has the right to decide who does he provide his game for. He can define that the game is public game – all users of the UrbiGame application can play it and comment etc. If he will set the status as a private, he invites to play only selected person.

Once or permanently

It’s about each game. The game can form an integrated whole and end up on one gameplay, but it can also have a permanent character, have an open formula to which you can return numbers of times.