urbi gracze

If you would like to classify users of the UrbiGame application, you could be divided into three groups – the passive players, active players and game masters.

The passive players

They participate in the game for fun, they want to have a good time. They constitute the majority of the application’s users. Passive players play the game according to the downloaded scenario in a specific environment. For the players the possibility to choose the most attractive scenario is very important. For them playing is a way to spend their free time or to visit the city and learn about its secrets – here is an important educational aspect.

The active players

They are the ones for who playing is not enough. They’re trying to create own game scenarios and they act as animators of the game to persuade others to play. Thanks to their own scenario they have a unique opportunity to plan trips or tell the story of their neighborhood.

The game masters

They are masters of the game. Actually, a sub group of active players. The game masters are those who spend a lot of time playing and pay attention to it, they strive to achieve the best results and they create the new scenarios. In this way they realize their creative skills. They are very important for applications because they provide valuable information.