Unreal reality of games


Playing is entering into a created reality. This reality is completely different from that which we experience every day – we can manipulate pawns, fight with a dragon or buy investments all around the world. Also in urban games.

The world of a game

Each game must be embedded in some reality. In other words, the player is embedded in a tale, a narrative or a story. The task of the creators of the game is to create a narrative which to the largest extent gets a player involved and which will make him want to return to it. In the world of the game everything is agreed, pretends to be happening, that is why we have five or more lives, we can beat, buy virtual attributes or catch thieves. The player is not watching it passively – his task is to shape, change this reality, and interact with its elements, for example, characters. An interesting case is that of urban games – players use public space but only these in the know of the rules of the game are treating streets as boards for the game. The other pedestrians are hurrying to work, walking with a baby, shopping and so on.

The rules of a game

Players take certain rules that apply to everyone in the game. If we agree that an ace beats all the cards, then this applies to all players. Bernard Suits is the author of the sentence: “The game is a voluntary effort undertaken so as to overcome completely insignificant obstacles on the way to an insignificant goal.” Right but overcoming obstacles is accompanied by rules. What if someone breaks them? Usually he is subjected to ostracism, that is exclusion. Sometimes something completely different can happen. “Gaming the system” is in the theory of games winning with the system. It is such organization of a gameplay to skip certain rules. Sometimes it is a success.


A knight, a policeman and perhaps a herbalist? In games you can put yourself in every character, not necessarily human. In some games it is extremely important to create your avatar. Fantasy games offer putting a person into the shoes of characters that never existed and have no right to exist. “The Witcher” – Polish game making worldwide career might be an example. But not only computer games give you the opportunity to enter into someone else’s shoes. In the popular Wroclaw city game “Mafia” players create a dense network of hunters lurking on the lives of their victims.
In the reality of games everything is possible. The more unreal is the world, the more attractive. At least for some players.