Computer games and urban games have their zealous supporters. The first one are much more common. Their fans are waiting for the next release of their beloved games, spend long hours and play all nights just to “stick” the next level. But if someone have thought that urban games are in many respects much better than computer games?


The studies of people who spend a lot of time in the virtual world of computer games shows that obesity and depression occur in them more frequently than in those who do not play. Overweight is obviously related to the lack of physical activity. The players smoked statistically more cigarettes than “non players”. They also observed the higher levels of introversion and weakened family ties.

The cure for all the evil

It is easy to imagine that in the case of urban games the situation is quite different. Man must break away from the television and go into the field – the dose of movement is ensured. Moreover, he has contact with other players – not virtual but real contact. You can make new relationships and sustained the old ones. This certainly raises a good mood and improves communication skills. Man is a social being and the urban games is the essence of social life.

Passivity versus activity

What is most striking when comparing the two types of games, the passive attitude of the computer players and active attitude of the urban players. And it’s not just about physical movement. When we buy a computer game we consent to the entry in the already created world. In contrast, the idea of urban game is the ability to co-create the script, and even to create it from scratch.