Who plays the games?


Research carried out on the players are quite surprising, because they shook the stereotype of the player – a young single man who for all days “plays a game”. It turns out that in the case of mobile games, most players are women.

The stereotypical male player

A study conducted last year by IPSOS showed that as many as 97 percent of all players are men, the overwhelming majority of them coming from the big cities. Most players, regardless of sex, are unmarried people. Usually they work behind a desk or perform managerial functions. Nearly one third of them earns in a range between 1600 and 2400 zl net. Almost all of them speak English. Interestingly, respondents declared that the games help them in learning foreign languages and in memory exercises, but also take the time needed to learn. The most popular games are shooting games, RPGs and action games. Respondents most commonly use computers for playing.

Not stereotypical female player

The results of Polish Games Research conducted this year look completely different. As many as 72 percent of Poles who use the Internet play games. 53 percent of them are women! The age structure does not change. Still most of the players are young people in the age range 15-24 years (43 percent). One percent fewer people declare permanent employment. This study shows that women prefer to play on web browsers, in social media and on mobile devices – they represent 63 percent of the players. Clearly the rise in the popularity of mobile games is seen, they take up 40 percent of the market of all games.